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2009.11.19 16:26:44
Steve Cotter

These days I am everywhere, spreading the good word ;-)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or so the story goes.

Had some fun times in Finland while training and afterwards. I want to give special thanks to Marko Suomi who has always been a great friend and host to me when I have come to Finland and has been a top ambassador to the modern revival of kettlebell lifting across the globe. Everyone in the kettlebell world knows Marko and if you haven’t seen it, you should have a look at his excellent and informative blog:

Also, thanks to Tuomo Kilpeläinen who hosted myself and John Wild Buckley for the first-ever CKT Level 1 certification course in Finland. Tuomo is probably the hardest working man I have ever met, John and I were impressed by his ingenuity and constant entrepreneurial spirit. Tuomo sells high quality equipment and training services at

In addition to a lot of hard work during the days, at night we had fun, although there was hardly any nights at all, with daylight almost around the clock in Oulu.

Here is some of the fun we all had while Marko and I bear wrestled:


I guess if the bear-fighting doesn’t work out I can just keep the suit on and market myself as a fat-loss expert!